6×6 Compatible Cameras

**If you do not see your camera in the list below please send an email to us at [email protected] to check and see if we have info for your camera. 

– AiresFlex – Ansco Automatic Reflex – Argoflex
– Bronica EC (does not require frame, direct drop-in replacement) – Bronica EC-TL(2) (with shutter speeds engraved for meter readout; frameless as above) – Bronica ETR, ETRS, ETRSi
– Bronica C, C2, S2, S2a (includes mirror foam to fix common existing focus error problem.) – Bronica SQ, SQ-A(i), SQ-B
– Ciro-Flex B through F
– Contax 645
– Flexaret (early (I-III) and later (IV-VII) series), Standard, Automat
– Hasselblad 1000F
– Hasselblad 500C
– Hasselblad 500CM, 501C, 501CM, 503CW, 503CX(i),555ELD,2000FCW,2003FCW. Now includes spacers that allow for you to install without modifying the original frame and no focus adjustment required.
– Kodak Reflex I + II
– Kowa Six (screen only, does not include metal frame)
– LaurelFlex
– Mamiya C-C2-C22-C3-C33-C220, Mamiya C220F, Mamiya C330 – C330F, Mamiya C330S
– Mamiyaflex A – Minolta Autocord – MPP Microcord
– OlympusFlex
– Pearl River
– Pentacon Six, TL
– Phase One DF, XF
– Praktisix
– Ricoh Diacord
– Ricohflex
– ROLLEI OWNERS: If you aren’t sure which model you have, PLEASE send a photo or serial number
– Rolleicord – All Models
– Rolleiflex Automat, X, MX, MX-EVS, 2.8A, 2.8B, 2.8C, 2.8D, 2.8E (send current screen size measurements please for 2.8E!), 3.5C, 3.5E
– Rolleiflex 2.8E2, 2.8E3, 2.8F, 3.5E2, 3.5E3, 3.5F, Wide, Tele, T, Magic
– Rolleiflex 2.8FX-GX, FT, FW
– Rolleiflex Old Standard – New Standard, Rolleiflex Original
– Rolleiflex 6001-6008, Rolleiflex Hy6 Mod2, Rolleiflex SL66, SLX
– Rollop
– Skyflex
– Tower Reflex (by Fujita)
– Voigtlander Superb (BrightScreen MP only)
– Yashica A, B, C, D, 635, Rookie
– Yashica Mat (Meterless/Selenium Cell Meter), MAT LM, EM
– Yashica Mat 12, 24, 124, 124G
– Zeiss Ikoflex IIa

grids for 6×6 format

6×6 screens are available with either no grid or a scribed grid in a number of patterns. Grids 6601 and 6604 are both full checkerboards with lines spaced 3/8″ (9.5 mm) apart. Multiple grids can be combined on a single screen and custom grid patterns are available.

Patterns 6602 and 6605 are not recommended for the Praktisix and Pentacon Six because the outer line of the grid is almost at the edge of the screen.

These patterns can also be applied to 4×4, 645 and 6×7 format screens.